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The Joy ReWard Retreat

Udaipur, India

As women we are the nurturers of people and ideas, often putting the needs of others before ourselves.

Now it is your turn, to be nurtured and ignite your passions, turning your thoughts and ideas into reality.

Rebekah Ward-Johnston in Udaipur, India

In October 2022, after travelling for five hours from Gujurat state, I entered the lush, green city of Udaipur. This old city that sits on ancient land, where in the quiet of the early morning Sanskrit prayer floats over the city. Trees framed the streets, the city palace towering above. We passed local people pushing carts, herding donkeys and people drinking chai at the chaiwalas’ stalls.

I didn’t know what this beautiful city had in store for me,

...but what I discovered was a peace within the chaos, a stillness that allowed me to gain insight into my own life, and the most beautiful and welcoming people. As I experienced a cliché personal transformation, I wondered how I could share this experience with other women -  so I created the Joy ReWard Retreat. An opportunity that combines experiencing the real India, the beautiful sites and experiences  with a journey of personal growth.

In this beautiful setting, this nine-day retreat will give you space to reflect on what you love and discover what is missing within your busy life. A journey through identifying what makes your life the best life you can imagine and how to create the change you are looking for.

This retreat is a step out of your busy life to explore yourself and the beautiful lake city of Udaipur, the Venice of India.

What you can expect:

An all expenses* paid experience, including:

  • Comfortable and clean accommodation with ensuite, in the Kotra Haveli, a hotel reminiscent of the most romantic India.

  • All meals.

  • Yoga on the rooftop at dawn. And settle into a tranquil calm at the end of the day with guided meditation.

  • The most stunning sunset from the Monsoon Palace.

  • Lunch at the Summer Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola.

  • Beautiful tailored clothes, with fitting and delivered for our second to last night together.

  • A Celebration of Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, the Festival of Spring, and the Festival of Love, with the local people.

*Flights and Travel Insurance not included.

Be guided daily through this journey with Rebekah Ward-Johnston from The Wellness ReWard, life, health and career coach. Reclaim space to remember who you are, the life you’ve always wanted and create a road map to achieve all that you deem important for you.

Kotra Haveli, a hotel reminiscent of the most romantic India

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All you need to bring is YOU and money to buy treats for yourself from the many local artisan stores.

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Thank you for your interest! I'll be in touch soon. Rebekah x


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